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Neha Sharma and her sister Aisha Sharma share an extremely bond with each other. The sisters often treat their massive social media fan base with photos. And, they are also clicked often, when they make appearances outside the gym. Neha Sharma and her sister Aisha Sharma sat down with us for a candid conversation on the chat show Dear Buddy.

During the interaction, the sibling duo was asked to share in what ways are they both different and what ways are they similar. Neha Sharma told Bollywood Bubble that she does not feel she looks like Aisha.


Neha said, “I mean, it’s more for other people to judge. They sometimes say that, we’re quite similar the way we look. I don’t think first of all we do. I love her curly hair. And that’s like very different from my straight hair. When we’re usual in our element, mine’s quite straight, her’s is quite curly.


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However, Neha further shared that she accepts that her sister Aisha and she might have similar voices. The actress continued, “Our voices sometimes seem to be similar. Though, I think, Aisha’s got like a more deep voice. She could probably do some voice overs, because she is so good at it.

Aisha added, “So we’re different like that. But, I also think like were similar in terms of our values and we kind of value the same thing. So, I think, we’re very similar there.

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Meanwhile, during the fun conversation, Neha and Aisha revealed if they fight. Neha and Aisha also mentioned that they have a WhatsApp group called ‘4 Billionaires’ where they talk about everything with their siblings. The siblings spilled the beans on their boyfriend conversations, and how they deal with emotional lows too.

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