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Friday, the 13th! Record of spooky things that happened on ‘The House Next Door’ sets

Actor Siddharth, Atul Kulkarni, Andrea Jeremiah and others are all set to entertain you with their horror-drama ‘The House Next Door’. We recently saw the trailer of the film and realised that this one is not for those with weak hearts. Horror is a genre that very few filmmakers manage to get right and well, the makers of ‘The House Next Door’ seem to have hit the perfect nail. But let us tell you that the process of making this film was just as spooky as the trailer seems to be. (Also Check: ‘The House Next Door’ trailer: Throws a chill down your spine!)

We have got a record of all the spooky things that happened on the sets of this film. Things listed below may give you goosebumps with fear but the cast of ‘The House Next Door’ has actually experienced these things while shooting the film.

·         Locking Doors – During the shoot in the house there were times in the evening when the door locks and latches would lock up on their own and had to be opened up again.

·          Bathroom Flooding – On several occasions, Siddharth and Andreas’ washrooms were flooded mysteriously with all the taps running.

·         Midnight Knocking – Many times during the night there were occasions of loud knocking on the doors of the cast members. Was it a prank or was it a disturbed soul, the culprit was never caught.

·         Temperature Drops – During the shoot in the house in certain rooms the temperature would suddenly drop.

·         Ghost Shoots – After the cameras were paused and the filming was halted there were times when the crew would later find out that the cameras had kept recording.

·          Voices in Empty Rooms – Sometimes when one walked to a room there could be voices heard talking, but on entering the room it was found empty.

·          Power Disturbance – During some key shots there were times when the lights would flicker and then light back on their own. Equipment would be thoroughly checked with no problems being found. Was it faulty wiring or a paranormal presence.

·         Deja Vu – On many occasions the crew members experienced uncanny feelings of already done some shots or talked about how they were just doing something they thought they already had done.

‘The House Next Door’ releases on November 3, 2017.

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