Gautam Gulati is all praise for Salman Khan; says, “He has great values that our parents teach us”

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Ex-‘Bigg Boss‘ contestant and actor Gautam Gulati is all set to star in Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Radhe’. It was Salman who took Gautam on board for the movie. Recently, we had a video interaction with Gautam where he spoke about ‘Radhe’, Salman Khan and more.

Gautam has been associated with Salman Khan since 2014 as he was part of ‘Bigg Boss 8’. Talking about him, Gautam said, “He has been the same person. He has a smile on his face always and enjoying life to the fullest as a king. He is also very helpful and motivating. He also has great values that our parents teach us. It’s like you are talking to your father or your parents. So. it’s a very good quality about him that he gives good advice to everyone.”

Gautam also spoke about his character in ‘Radhe’. “In ‘Radhe’, you won’t see the good looking boy over there. You will see some other character completely. So, that’s how you are seen in a big film like that. Then a lot of filmmakers will understand that an actor could look like this and look like that. Otherwise, there is a judgement.
In future, hopefully, if I get a chance to show my work like which I am getting right now like playing different characters, I will change all my looks and everything to be in the character. For my character in ‘Radhe’, I gave my best. When it will come on screens, you will be convinced 100% and that I can promise,”
said Gautam.

You can watch the interview here.

He also said that everyone has done great work in ‘Radhe’ and people will go berserk once this Salman starrer releases in theatres.

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