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Gay Activist Protest Against Salman Khan’s Insensitivity

Gay activist protest against Salman Khan‘s insensitivity, while handling the Gay issue on controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 7′. Contestants VJ Andy and Wrestler Sangram Singh were seen touching cuddling and talking to each other, with Andy even going as far as to press Sangram’s thighs.

As per sources, several compiled scenes of the two were shown with Salman Khan introducing the proceedings by holding two playing cards in either hand — one the king and the other Queen. He sings the popular Hindi song “Raja ko rani se pyar ho gaya” and replaces the queen with another king, changing the lyrics to sing “Raja ko raja se pyar ho GAYa”, emphasizing on the word Gay, and was seen laughing at them .

The video went viral on the Internet with several people from the gay community saying that a superstar like Salman should have been more careful as this shows him to be anti-gay. Facebook was flooded with hate messages for the Dabangg Khan on his insensitive behavior.

Harish Iyer, who posted, “From wild animal slaughter to woman beating to running over pavement dwellers to ridiculing sexual minorities… all was a media conspiracy. Yes, Salman, it was never ever your fault. We believe you.”

A similar message was posted by Silv, who said, “This is highly ridiculous; if public figures start making fun of having a gay relationship on national TV, how will things improve? I personally always disliked Salman but now I see him as the most insensitive person and insensible as well. Was this the last option the television channel had to make fun of?”

Well all we can say is that when celebrities all over the world are coming out in support of the gay community. Salman Khan should have handled this with more sensitivity.



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