Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar who was in Jaipur for promoting his upcoming film “Special 26” said that government should promote the birth of baby child.

Akshay who became the father of a daughter in September 2012 after wife Twinkle Khanna gave birth to a baby girl, said that the nation needs to promote the birth of a female child and a positive atmosphere for them to grow was required for a healthy society.


“We need to tell people that there is nothing wrong with the birth of girls. There are some places in the country where even today the birth of a daughter is not welcomed and we need to change the situation,” Akshay said.

“Government and we should help them financially. There should be a government scheme which involves monetary benefit on the birth of a girl child so that their birth could be promoted. I work for this cause and promote this,” he added.
Well , That’s a Good Point Raced by Khiladi Akshay Kumar , We Hope the Society and Government are Listening to this !