Kajol in beautiful saree

Actress Kajol, who played lead roles in some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters in 1990s and early 2000s, may not be seen in too many films now a days but she is happy that her personal life has taken precedence over professional matters.Post-marriage, the 38-year-old actress cut down on her work though she continued to feature with big stars and collect accolades for her performance.

Her major releases after marriage were Fanaa, U Me Aur Hum (2008), My Name is Khan (2010), We Are Family (2010).The versatile screen performer, who has two kids, says she is a strict mother and her husband, Bollywood star Ajay Devgn, does not like when she scolds her children.


Kajol said”Once I got married and had babies, I had to take time out for my children. Hence I took a break. My personal life took over my professional life and I was very happy about it,”

Kajol sure has her priorities set right.