Hey Akshay Kumar, this ‘PadWoman’ has a special request for you

Image Source - Yourstory, Instagram@akshaykumar

Akshay Kumar‘s ‘PadMan’ is being considered as an important tool, able to initiate communications about menstruation and menstrual health, especially in rural and less privileged areas of the country. Both the reel and real life PadMen credit their success to women in their lives! And on that note, we now have a ‘PadWoman’ who has made a special request to him. (Also Read: Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav’s reaction to ‘PadMan’ makes him a happy dad. Details here!)

Maya Vishwakarma, an US-return scientist, is tirelessly working to bring menstrual hygiene and making sanitary pads more affordable to the less privileged ones. Maya, who belonged to an MP village, didn’t have access to pads till the age of 26. Hence, she is now determined to let the same happen to as less women as possible.

And now, she wants Akshay to show the film to schools and hostels in villages. She also wrote a letter to Kumar, suggesting that he should talk to officials and  make the film tax-free wherever possible, so that more people could go and watch it.

Akshay, are you listening?