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Mika Singh and Shefali Jariwala’s latest song ‘Honthon Pe Bas’ is everything sultry, stylish and too-hot-to-handle. A song you might have heard before, but definitely not like this. It is the rejigged version of Saif Ali Khan and Kajol’s super hit track.


The new version packs in oodles of glamour quotient by both Mika and Shefali oozing loads and loads of lusciousness. The video of the song presents a completely different avatar of Mika Singh and Shefali Jariwala. Their oh-so-sexy moves will make your jaws drop! Have a look at the song right here:

Talking about the song, Kumar Taurani says, “The new-age music lovers are welcoming revamped old tracks wholeheartedly. Mika and Shefali have taken this song to a whole new level. Their chemistry is outstanding. They have created magic.

About the song, Mika Singh says, “It’s an iconic song and I have thoroughly enjoyed singing this track. Shefali is extremely talented and did full justice to the song. The final output is completely entertaining.

Shefali recently spoke to Bollywood Bubble about spending time in lockdown, and also about Bigg Boss. Have a look:

In the song, we see sizzling chemistry between Mika and Shefali. She said while talking to Bollywood Bubble in a separate interview, “Mika and I have been friends for over 10 years. We have always wanted to do something together. But we were busy in our own lives. When I came out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, he congratulated me and said ‘kuch karte hain’. Then lockdown happened and we had a lot of time. It was his idea and I was like ‘wow’ and told him ‘let’s do it’. Then we thought that there is a lockdown, how will we shoot. But we all love challenges. With the crew of six people, we shot the song because we had to keep the government guidelines in mind for everybody’s safety. We were not sure whether we will be able to execute it or not because the concept was very different from the original song. We gave a lot of time to pre-production, we shot in Mika’s house. It was a very pleasant experience working with him and because of that, there was a comfort level.

She added, “The edit was really good and Mika decided to re-work on the audio and he remastered it. He almost took three months for the final product to come out and we were so happy because we were involved in even in small things. Our team was excellent and because of that the execution was correct and the song came out really good.

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