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Nishikant Kamat’s next to be a romantic film

Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat, whose film ‘Madaari‘ about a common man’s plight in the country, will release on Friday, says he will next work on a romantic movie.

“My next film is a romantic one. I want to reinvent myself, so I am taking break for six months. I have not even taken a Sunday off in the last few years, so I need to slow down. So, right now it’s a sabbatical for me and then I will start with my romantic film,” Kamat told IANS.

As a director, Kamat has worked on films like ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’, ‘Drishyam’, ‘Dombivali Fast’ and ‘Force‘ . He says he has unfortunately not made a film from a woman’s point of view.

Asked why all his films have been from a male’s point of view, he said: “During my theatre days, I have done all women-centric themes. I will make a women-centric film in future because I know this is one question even I have asked myself.

“Probably I didn’t get the right script… It was such an honour to work with Tabu in ‘Drishyam’, but you need a substantial role for an actor of her calibre.”

‘Madaari’ features Irrfan Khan as the protagonist.

Inputs from IANS

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