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Tara Sharma hopes to help people through touching stories

Actress-anchor Tara Sharma, who interviewed Emraan Hashmi about his experience during his son’s cancer treatment phase, says her chat show is an attempt to try and help anyone who may be facing tough times.

Before inviting Emraan, Tara had read his book ‘The Kiss of Life’. She said, “I had read Emraan’s book ‘The Kiss Of Life’ cover to cover before our chat and Emraan was very touched that I had as I asked many questions based on what I had read. The reason to do an episode like this is not just to share touching stories but also to perhaps try and help anyone in our audience who may God forbid be going through similar tough times and hearing these stories could help them and make them know they are not Alone and can and will get through victorious.”

She felt that, “Emraan’s tremendous research and knowledge is a wonderful way of perhaps helping anyone who may need it”.

Tara Sharma a mother of two added, “My show is a platform where people can share stories which hopefully help bring about positive change. I am so grateful to the wonderful guests and the amazing response to our show.

Emraan spoke on different aspects of his life – how he chanced upon acting, how his wife Parveen adjusted to his serial kisser tag and how he, his family and their son battled and defeated cancer. He chose a piece of furniture for auction as a part of the show and the money from that particular auction was given to TATA Memorial hospital.

Inputs by IANS

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