Sanjay Dutt

In his 32 yrs as an actor Sanjay Dutt has worked with the best directors like Subhash Ghai,Rajkumar Hirani,,Feroz Khan to name a few.His parents Sunil Dutt and Nargis have left behind a legacy in politics,arts, and society. Despite his many hiccups that he has faced he remains rock solid as an actor and as a person.

Speaking on his daughter Trishala the protective father has made it very clear that the film industry is not a place for his daughter.

According to source Sanju Baba said “As a parent, I just want the best for her in her personal life and her career. I’m very sure that I don’t want her be an actress. I was happy when she chose to study forensic science. I want her to become an expert in that field and lend her expertise to saving innocent people who may be wrongly accused. No one should suffer the way I did”.



It will be an Interesting move to see whether trishala agree’s with her father as she recently finished her acting school studies in New York and already made her intentions to Enter Bollywood .