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IFFI 2018: Shankar Mahadevan talks about his documentary ‘Decoding Shankar’

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Bollywood’s ace musician and singer Shankar Mahadevan is a living legend, who has achieved many things in the industry. The veteran musician’s life has been nothing short of extraordinary and even at this juncture in his life, he is still trying to learn and reinvent himself.

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As we know, the International Film Festival of India 2018 (IFFI) is currently underway in Goa. The prestigious event is hosting many people from the industry and it is great to see the industry come together to celebrate and acknowledge the talent of its peers.

Now, Shankar Mahadevan’s documentary ‘Decoding Shankar’ was screened at IFFI 2018 and this is what Shankar had to say. He said, “I am extremely happy that my documentary called ‘Decoding Shankar’ has got a tremendous response. It got screened at IFFI 2018 in Goa and I am extremely thankful to the director Deepti Sivan and the entire team for doing such extensive research, working so hard and making such a beautiful film.”

He further added that, “Watching the film, I got overwhelmed and Thank You for your response. I really hope that this film (‘Decoding Shankar’) goes out to many festivals, so people can enjoy it and love it.”

‘Decoding Shankar’ documentary’s director Deepti Sivan had to say this, “It is a documentary, which inspires the young generation. Shankar Mahadevan, in spite of being an IT professional, he followed his passion i.e. music. He has contributed immensely to the field of music and despite his accomplishments, he (Shankar) has been humble and down to earth.”

“This is what he inspires the young generation to be. I highly recommend all of you to follow his story and life and times,” she added.

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