Imran Khan Is Unimpressed By Hollywood

Bollywood ‘s chocolate boy Imran Khan has no interest in working in a Hollywood film. This was revealed by the actor during the launch of Hollywood film Rio 2’s Hindi version. Imran has dubbed for the character of Blu in the Hindi version.



As per sources, Imran Khan said,  “I absolutely have no interest in working in Hollywood. I think you (Indian actors) get to be the nurse, someone who repairs a computer, or the hero’s roommate, etc. I think they (Hollywood filmmakers) don’t write good roles for Indians.”

He further added, “Every actor will make a choice that is correct for them. The kinds of roles that are offered to Indian actors are not very interesting. With no disrespect to anyone, I think one gets to do a glorified special appearance. So no interest; I am very happy to work in India.”

Later he retracted his statement that if there is an interesting role he is game to try it.