Akshay Kumar with Ekta Kapoor

Akshay Kumar is quite miffed with Ekta Kapoor after the debacle at the Kolkatta  IPL, the cast of Ekta’s Gangster film had gone there to promote the movie but they did not get adequate coverage during their promotional stint for the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai . Well the cast of this film was accused of wearing promotional T-shirts at an event that had specifically banned any film promotion.


As per an insider,“The plan of the makers had totally backfired. Akshay is mighty annoyed with Ekta after the entire drama at the IPL. First  the makers made Akshay travel all the way to Kolkata and then couldn’t even manage to get adequate coverage on national television.Apparently Akki was also upset at the overwhelming support his arch rival Shah Rukh Khan (owner of Kolkata Knight Riders) got after the cameras caught him at the stadium but all that Akshay and his team managed to receive was just a loud round of applause.

The actor has asked Ekta to revamp the entire marketing plan around the film.