Shahrukh Khan with Mamata Banerjee

Shahrukh Khan is at it once again,last Friday the match between KKR and RR kept the spectators busy with plenty of off field and on field action.Though KKR emerged victorious, they could not rid themselves of controversies,with none other than Shahrukh Khan leading, yet again.


As per sources, Badshah Khan entered the dressing room of KKR during innings break in a clear breach of protocol , but left after being asked.No action has been taken so far against him,last year too due to his impudence at Wankhede ,MCA had banned his entry at Wankhede for five years.


King Khan chose to play down the incident,”It’s my face…people stop me from going to lot of places in stadiums nowadays. I just wanted to tell Gambhir ‘well done’. I am sorry, it’s my mistake. I forget the rules sometimes. I will try not to do it again, so that I’m not banned from here (Eden),” he told reporters.