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John Abraham recently had a tiff with a journalist as he called him ‘dumb’ and said he left his brain at home after the journo said his movies have an overdose of action.

At a special event for his upcoming movie Attack, John Abraham was asked about the ‘unrealistic action sequences in his films’ John was quite clear that the questions should be pertaining to the movie only. The actor was asked, “Your films have an overdose of action. It looks good as long as you are fighting four or five people. But, it is too much when you are seen fighting 200 people all by yourself, throwing away bikes and stopping choppers with your hands.”


Then Abraham intervened and asked if he was asking about the movie Attack. But the journalist replied that it was in fact about Satyameva Jayate. The actor said, “I am sorry main toh Attack ki baat kar raha hu, agar aapko isse problem hai (I am talking about Attack. If you have problem with this), then I am sorry. I really offended you.”

The reporter then said that the movie are hard to relate to, Jon replied, “I am sorry”, he then turned to the cast and said, “Bichara (Poor guy), I think he is very frustrated.”


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When he was further asked about his fitness, John replied sarcastically and said, “More than physically fit, I am trying to be mentally fit to answer some crazy questions as people are so dumb. Sorry sir, aap dimaag chod kar aa gaye (You left your brain at home). I apologise for you. On behalf of everyone, I shall apologise for you, no problem, you’ll do better next time.” He further said, “If you ask the same ghisa-pita question like uncle, you’ll have a problem. You’ll have to ask the questions of today. Ask why is Attack special or unique. Ask questions related to this film.”

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