John Abraham on ‘Rustom’ uniform controversy:”I stand by Akshay Kumar”

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John Abraham recently launched the trailer of his upcoming film ‘Parmanu’. After many delays, the film will hit theaters on 25th May. The launch of the trailer was done on the 20th anniversary of India’s nuclear test.

The actress was questioned by The Indian Express regarding the controversy regarding his film, the actor said, “We are not here to throw mud on anybody’s face, we want to keep the controversy aside. We are confident about the film and the subject that we have chosen.”

“It was about our credibility and we had to stand for what we believed in. I think we have vindicated for what we stood. We fought our way out and we are here today, standing with the story that we always wanted to tell, the film that we made is here”, the actor added.

Director Abhishek Sharma said, “It is because of their decision that today we are standing here, we are happy that the film is finally coming.”

He said, “it was difficult to tolerate someone saying something about your credibility, about your production house, your film, but we fought it out.”

At the end, John was also asked to comment on Akshay Kumar‘s ‘Rustom’ uniform controversy to which he said, “I won’t be politically correct here, I stand by Akshay Kumar.”