‘Kaashi’ mid-ticket review: C-grade disaster right from the first frame

Image Source - YouTube

Directed by: Dhiraj Kumar
Produced by: Dhiraj Kumar, Manish Kishore, Shravan Kumar Agarwal, Sanjay Surana, Vinit Singh
Cast: Sharman Joshi, Aishwarya Devan

A C-grade disaster right from the first frame, ‘Kaashi’ is so replete with nonsensical dialogues, you wonder what brand of Banarasi bhaang its makers were drinking. Sharman Joshi, who is not that bad at comedy, tries his hand at a serious role and fails to score passing marks.

Sharman plays Kaashi, an illiterate dom (lower caste) whose job is to organise funerals. He gets seduced (yes, this is that kind of C-grade cinema) by a journalist, Devina. Why would a smart journalist like Devina fall for someone like Kaashi? The makers of the film don’t bother answering this question at all. The movie takes a turn when Kaashi’s sister, Ganga goes missing. After investigation (which usually involves beating people up), ‘Kaashi’ does find a few clues but the audience is left feeling as lost as the missing sister.

The backdrop of Varanasi could have been used in a much better manner. The background music (that contains Shiva chants at places) is another horrible addition to the crap show that we have been subjected to. Here’s a film that is bound to make you want to leave the theatre.

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