Kader Khan Padma Shri Award Sarfaraz
Image Source - Facebook

Kader Khan left for his heavenly abode on December 31, 2018. He has been awarded the Padma Shri award by the President of the nation posthumously. However, his son Sarfaraz wasn’t able to make it to the Rashtrapati Bhawan to receive the award. So arrangements were made in order to get the Padma Shri delivered to Sarfaraz in Canada. The son of the superstar received it and the picture of him doing so is going viral currently.


The Consulate General of India in Canada shared the picture with the caption, “Consul General Dinesh Bhatia delivered Padma Shri 2019 award for Shri Kader Khan (posthumously) to his son Shri Sarfraz Khan, in Toronto. Shri Sarfraz, who couldn’t receive the award personally from Rashtrapati Bhavan, thanked Government of India for the unique honour bestowed on his late father (sic).”  Check out the picture right here:

Talking about receiving an award from the government, Kader Khan had once said to IANS, “If the government feels that I have done good work, it will honour me. It’s people’s love that they are demanding it for me. It’s good that I did not get one. It’s good that they did not give me a Padma Shri. I have neither flattered anyone in my life, nor will I ever. I don’t want these awards if they have been given to people (in the industry) who got it this time. An award is a no big thing, but its importance lies in the people it has been conferred upon. Earlier, there was a certain honesty in these awards but it’s not the same case now. People have now forgotten to respect others and have become way too selfish. I would think that I was not as capable as those who were chosen for the Padma awards this year. I, however, thank all those who proposed my name for it.

Kader Khan worked in over 300 films in Bollywood, and that was no mean feat. Fed up with the ways in which the film industry was working in the current days, he had moved to Canada to stay with Sarfaraz. He passed away while staying with Sarfaraz.

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