Kajol in Dushman

Kajol is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood today and while she seldom gets it wrong when it comes to fashion, she too has had days when her fashion sense was not on point.


In a recent interview, when Kajol was asked as to what’s the weirdest thing that she has tried in the name of beauty, the actress said, “I would rather play safe than sorry. So, I haven’t tried too many unusual things.”

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But when further asked whether she has ever had any beauty disasters, to which she claimed, “Of course I have! (Laughs) But that doesn’t mean that I have to try something completely out of the way. I feel my wig in Dushman was not the best wig in the world for sure! (Bursts out laughing) That wig is something which I look back and I’m like (makes a face). At that point of time, I really thought it worked. I don’t know if I believe that today.”

The actress also revealed what according to her is sexy, beauty-wise and said, “Saris are sexy. Women look naturally sexy in peek-a-boo saris.”

We agree!

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