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Kangana Ranaut supports ban on Chinese apps; says, “China has shown its crude face to world with this pandemic and bio-war”

Image Source - Instagram

The government of India recently announced its decision to ban around 50 Chinese apps. Many Bollywood celebrities have given different reactions to the decision as some are supportive while others are sceptical about it. Kangana Ranaut had earlier spoken about her support towards this ban and now in an official statement, she has said that Chinese have unleashed a bio-war on the world.

Earlier, Kangana had taken to her Instagram account to share a video in which she is talking about the struggles the Chinese have put our country through. She said that as a country it is our duty to be part of this and not only keep it limited to the soldiers on the border fighting for the country.

Now in an official statement, Kangana said, “The government has banned Chinese apps and I think most people are celebrating because China is like we all know, it’s a communist country and the way they have gone deep into our economy and our system… the data is scary, how much our business was dependent on China and this year apart from being the originator of coronavirus and giving the world the biggest adversity of recent times. In the midst of this adversity, now they are messing with our borders in Ladakh and they don’t only want Ladakh. In the scheme of things, they want Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. They also want your Assam and it’s never-ending.”

She further added, “I don’t agree with their ways and obviously they’ve shown their real crude face to the world also with this pandemic and the bio-war that they’ve unleashed on the world. What is feeding them is that their economy. So it is definitely better we cut their roots here in India and of course when there will not be so much revenue and money, their evil power will come down and the world will be a better place. China is not the leading power because what leads is also what everyone else suffers their virtues and their sins. Today they are leading power and they have this power that is why the world is suffering.” 

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