Kangana Ranaut new look

Chambal valley the name itself generates terror in the minds of people as this area is infamous for dacoits. Well this is what happened when the unit of Revolver Rani with Kangana Ranaut Playing the main lead in the film was stopped by Dacoits.


As per a source,Kangs was returning to Gwalior with the film’s director, Sai Kabir, and the crew in a convoy of about four-five cars and a police van, when they were stopped by about 12-15 men armed with guns and knives,the dacoits wanted Kangana to pose for pictures with them and refused to let her car pass. However, Kabir managed to reason with them and succeeded.    Kabir says, “I have lived in that area for over 15 years. So, while I was expecting trouble, we managed to get out of it smoothly. The place is famous for guns and dacoits fire them without any reason. There was a little argument with the dacoits, but Kangana didn’t meet or shoot pictures with them. We had a police van for our security and in this area, even a constable has a machine gun.We had strict instructions not to shoot after 5.30 pm and we would return to Gwalior daily. Even male actors would have reservations about shooting in Chambal, but Kangna didn’t have any apprehensions.

Well looks like Kangna  is one brave lady not to be scared of the Dacoits Of Chambal.