Kapil Sharma to not get arrested soon!

The latest controversy that has shaken the industry is that of Kapil Sharma publicly disclosing the corruption prevailing in the system. He expressed his thoughts over bribery on twitter and called for a lot of trouble for him. Now the comedian has an FIR lodged against him for carrying out illegal construction in his Apartment. In total there are three cases against him. One being illegal construction of his office, another is of eradication of mangroves and the third one being illegal alternation carried out in his apartment.

So a case has been filed and we have an update on the same. The latest reports say that Kapil would not be arrested immediately. He will have to give an explanation to the officials first and only then they would proceed with the arrest. A police inspector was quoted saying, “Supreme Court directions forbid us from making immediate arrests. The actors will have to submit an explanation which will be analyzed and scrutinized by our officers. Statements of the actors will be recorded. We will verify whether their submission fits what’s legal. A final report will then be prepared.”

Irrfan Khan, who also resides in the same building as Kapil, has also been mired in this controversy as some illegal alterations in his apartment too, were noticed.

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