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Katrina Kaif does not ‘Compromise’

Bollywood’s gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif stunned the production team of ‘Bang Bang’. She went ahead and paid an extravagant amount for gowns out of her own pocket. The production team was hesitant to pay the hi fi amount so the diva did the needful.

As per sources, Katrina Kaif is at present shooting with costar Hrithik Roshan for action Thriller ‘Bang Bang’. The diva refused to compromise on outfits that were designed by an Indian Designer. She instead had her costume team calling up designer Gavin Miguel to make some new gowns for a song sequence in ‘Bang Bang’. That she paid for from her own pocket.

Katrina Kaif did the needful as the gowns cost about Rs.! crore. The production team was hesitating to spend so much. Now the Lady had set her mind on a no compromise, so she went ahead and paid for them.

Well it seems that Katrina Kaif will not compromise for lesser good’s.

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