Katy Perry’s kiss on a reality show gives Twiterattis a flashback of Papon’s infamous kiss

Image Source - YouTube

The episode of singer Papon kissing a minor girl on a reality show is still fresh in our minds. The video of him happily kissing a minor contestant on lips had gone viral on the internet and then a case was filed against him.

This controversy had just died down, but has flared again, thanks to American singer Katy Perry who pulled off something similar to what Papon did giving us a flashback of the controversy.

Twitter is having a field day because of the same.

Game of perceptions!

The difference between Papon’s kiss and Katy Perry’s kiss is…

The punishment!

This one is funny.

Katy Perry = Papon

Katy Perry is America’s Papon.

The gender game!

Gender biases are applicable in this case?


One more!

The difference explained!

Well, looks like Twitterati are not amused.