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Kubbra Sait is the latest actor who has debuted as an author, she has unveiled her book titled Open Book: Not Quite A Memoir. In her memoir, the Sacred Games actress shared all about her growing years, being molested during her teen years by a family friend and more. She also revealed about terminating a pregnancy after a one-night stand.

In an interview with Times Digital, Kubbra opened up about the experience and shared that although she did feel like a ‘horrible person’, she did not have any regrets.


In the chapter, titled I Wasn’t Ready to Be a Mother, Kubbra revealed that she got pregnant after she had a one-night stand with a close friend in Andamans during a trip. She added that she decided to terminate the pregnancy because she felt she wasn’t ready to be a mother.

Kubbra shared her experience when she went on a holiday to the Andamans. The actress revealed that she had gone scuba-diving at night, after which she had a few drinks, and got physically intimate with a friend. After a few days, her pregnancy test came out positive as she had missed her period. A week later, she decided to terminate the pregnancy as she wasn’t ready for it.

While she said that she has ‘no regrets’ about the decision, she added, “Of course, I felt like a terrible human being! A horrible human being because of that choice I had made.

On the work front, Kubbra Sait has RK/RKay in the pipeline.

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