Legal eagles call Suraj Pancholi’s arrest hasty

In a new turn to Jiah Khan suicide case where her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi was arrested on the charge of abetting actor Jiah Khan’s suicide , legal experts have slammed the Mumbai Police For Hasty action without valid proof.

As per sources,Majid Menon a criminal lawyer said “Unless they have adequate material to connect him with the offence, this appears to be a case of arrest in violation of law laid down by the apex court. This is a significant matter related to personal liberty for abetment to be proved, immediate provocation is required. The police should have waited for more evidence and seen exactly what the last straw was. This case may not hold ground.”

Lawyer and activist Y P Singh informed that the case may not hold ground as under section 113 A of Indian Evidence Act the definition of abetting is only applied on married women who commit suicide within seven years of marriage,”Since Jiah Khan was not married, mere annoyance with the conduct of her partner can never fit into the general definition of abatement of suicide. At the most the case may sustain on hype and not legal technicalities.”
Let’s wait and watch how the events turnaround.