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Luviena Lodh’s estranged husband, Sumit Sabherwal has released a statement where he has said that he is not related to Mahesh Bhatt and brother Mukesh but an employee of Vishesh Films. Luviena has reacted to Sumit’s statement saying, “2010, I was told by Sumit and his mother that Sumit is Mahesh Bhatt’s relative, it was a start of a relationship so verbal commitment was enough of a proof for us as Mahesh Bhatt and Kumkum Saigal(Mahesh Bhatt’s real sister) always told that 1) Sumit 2) Mohit 3) Vishesh 4) Emraan are all are our son. In 2016 when the separation began, the first attempt from their side to vacate the house at 1E/1102, Mumbai in the letter which was served to us by their lawyer Mr Agnes Martins on 30/06/2016 the letter clearly states on page 2 point number 2 ” my client states your husband is distantly related to my client i.e. Your husband is father’s brother’s wife namely Sheela’s younger sister namely Kumkum Surendra Saigal’s son”.

Her statement further read: “In another attempt to evict me from my matrimonial house In NM/06/10/2020 in Suit No/879/2020 by their lawyer Amit Survase suit filed by Sahil Saigal. It states as that “Defendant nos 1 & 2 are husband and wife and are distant relatives of the plaintiff as defendant no 2 is the son of the brother of the brother in law of Mrs Kumkum Saigal. Mrs Kumkum Saigal is the mother of the plaintiff.”


“Mahesh Bhatt family has had a history of divorces by denying the relation they want to prove Sumit belongs to the middle class and thus by proving so they want to deny Luvenia from her right of Alimony and Maintenance. I am ready to take the stand for this and the said is pending before the courts of law and If that was the case the Andheri Court in DV/166/2016 would not have granted me right to stay in my matrimonial home which is still in force. All I can say is this is an attempt to dilute the truth by my husband and his relatives but in the end, only truth survives,” it read.


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