Luviena Lodh
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Model-actress Luviena Lodh recently made a shocking statement against her husband Sumit Sabherwal and Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. The Bhatt brothers then filed a defamation suit in the Bombay High Court against her for making defamatory, slanderous and false allegations against them. Also, they sought Rs 1 crore in damages from the actress and an order restraining her from making any such false claims in future.

We recently had an interview with Luviena where she spoke at length about what happened with her. She said, “While my dispute happened in 2016 with my husband because I have seen a lot of illegal activities happening around me and every time I used to catch him. He used to beat me up, then I thought to end it up. In 2016, I filed an FIR and court cases against the family. I followed all the protocols and took forward all the procedures further with the help of my lawyer, but unfortunately, today I have been totally isolated and harassed mentally, emotionally and financially.”


You can watch the interview here.

She added, “I had to come out and speak to the audience and let them know my plight as the apex institutions are not helping me out. So, for my own safety, I had to come out. I have always talked about illegal activities but I have been shunned down and all these defamation and extortion cases have been filed against me just to pressurise me and prevent me from speaking the truth.”

Luviena also said that if NCB interrogates her husband, bigger names will come out.

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