Maharashtra Government sets up PIPCO to save movies from getting leaked

After the replacement of Pahlaj Nihalani from the position of Chairperson of the CBFC, here comes another major change which is a good one. Bollywood is surely going to rejoice and celebrate as the Maharashtra Government is setting up PIPCO (similar to London’s metropolitan police lab intellectual property crime unit) to ensure no movie gets leaked online. The industry has had a really tough time due to piracy as many movies ended up getting leaked online, some even before their release and that majorly impacted the collections. (Also Watch:Anurag Kashyap uses CBFC for publicity of his films! Watch Pahlaj’s explosive interview)

Now, it’s a huge relief as the Maharashtra Cyber Cell is coming up with a project where they will be setting up a squad. The squad will be working exclusively on Bollywood, Hollywood and any other commercial form of video piracy. Sources close to Spotboye reveal that the Deputy Commissioner Of Police, Balsingh Rajput has finished three months of of training at London’s PIPCO. Now, with the assistance of Motion Films Association, the Maharashtra Cyber Cell is starting this squad. As this is a pilot project, there will be around 9-10 people taken in the squad out of which 5 will be from the cyber department and the other 5 will be from Motion Films Association. The office will be located at World Trade Centre.

Mukesh Bhatt spoke about the same and expressed his happiness. He said, “I am happy with the initiative taken by our CM Devendra Phadnavis. Because Mumbai is a place where 100 yrs ago Indian Cinema began. So I am happy that he took an initiative at the birth place of Indian Cinema… And by doing this, he is helping out the industry which is dying because of piracy. I applaud the CM for this initiative. I am indeed very happy with this.”

Prerna Arora of KriArj Entertainment too spoke on the same. She said, “This is really a good sign for the film industry. Piracy is one of the biggest evils which has plagued our industry. It has to be stopped at any cost. Loads of money and hard work goes down the drain due to rampant piracy. We at KriArj Entertainment, support each and every endeavour of the Maharashtra Govt against piracy.”

Finally, things are shaping up well for the industry!