Makers of ‘Haraamkhor’ interviewed 1500 school girls before making the film’s only song

‘Kidre jaawan’, the only song in Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s ‘Haraamkhor’ is out. The soulful number sung by Jasleen Royal is a beautiful rendition of a young soul, first time in love. Picturised on Shweta Tripathi, the emotions are relatable. And that’s the very reason why it demanded the makers to put in good efforts before they could come up with the song’s best version.

Director Shlok Sharma along with the team including Jasleen and lyricist Aditya Sharma travelled, to a number of schools in Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow and interacted with around 1500 girls, trying to understand their idea of love and infatuation better. Teenage is the period when the mind is exposed to vivid feelings, after all.

“We wanted the song to be authentic and ensure that Shweta’s (Tripathi, lead actress) character is represented well. It is about someone who is torn between choices, sometimes not for the best. We spoke to young girls because they tend to get exposed to love and infatuation,” producer Guneet Monga told a leading daily.

‘Haraamkhor’ is slated to release on 10th February, 2017.