Malaika Sherawat smile

Malaika Sherawat famous for her item numbers and bold roles now wants to do performance oriented films,in her upcoming movie Dirty Politics, the actress has a major image overhaul and will be seen in a complete desi avtaar.But the last film where she had played the role of a girl next door had bombed at the box office.


According to sources, Malaika Sherawat said,”Now I want to do performance-oriented roles. I don’t want to do glamorous roles and item songs. It is a conscious decision that I have taken. I do get lots of offers for item songs and glam roles but it is a deliberate choice not to do it,”as for her moving to LA, Maallika denies it “I have not moved to LA. It is not true that I have shifted my base there. I was doing a movie ‘Politics of Love’ hence I went there but that was only for shooting. Apart from that I do go for parties and social-dos,”
well we have only this to say Mallika,that despite having starred in many bollywood movies its item numbers that have kept you onthe film map.