Manoj Bajpayee says Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise is a personal loss; requests, “Stop celebrating other’s failures”

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The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has shaken the entire nation. The circumstances under which he died has made all of us question the dark side of this glamour world. Manoj Bajpayee, who has worked with Sushant in ‘Sonchiriya’, opened up about how his death is like a personal loss to him. He also spoke about Bollywood’s toxic culture.

Speaking to NDTV, Bajpayee said, “To say that it came as a shock would be an understatement. I don’t know how to express myself. I am falling short of words.”

Sushant’s death has come as a shock to not only his family and friends but several other aspiring actors who looked up to him. Sharing an important lesson for such young talents, Manoj said, “They should have big dreams and they are entitled to Chase those dreams. But remember the big city demands a lot from you. It questions your integrity on every step. One should understand that its a biased world. This world is not fair. I personally find no glamour in this industry. It’s just one of the many jobs in the world. And just like the world, this industry is also not fair. But still, keep knocking till the door breaks.”

Commenting on the reason why Sushant took such a drastic step, Bajpayee said, “I won’t make any conclusion as to why he ended this journey abruptly. As I really don’t know. All I remember about him is happy things like him enjoying the mutton that I used to cook on the sets of our film. Him carrying the Quantum physic books, asking me many questions, trying to develop an app. All the good things that we shared. The reason was in his brain. The brain nobody could understand…nobody could get into. Nobody’s journey is smooth in this industry and if you are coming from outside it is all the more difficult. In our time there was no casting director system.” 

Sharing his thoughts on the toxic culture in Bollywood, the ‘Satya’ actor said, “Our friend is gone. Let’s not mess it up. Let’s not attack each other. Its time for the industry to look inward because this is not a case of somebody looking for work. This is somebody who was on top of their game. He was charming, good looking, talented than many of them out there and still, he decided to end it abruptly. Its time to stop celebrating other’s failures and start celebrating success when their films are successful. The industry needs to correct itself. Pamper those you have worked with. Instead of bitching, criticising and mocking someone behind their back because they don’t suit your sentiments and requirements and demands. There are some very valid questions coming up and that can be answered only when we correct ourselves.”

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