There are a lot of thoughts which strike our mind when we talk about Neha Dhupia. From giving some stellar performances in movies like ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’ and ‘Singh is Kinng’, to being quite in news with regards to her popular show ‘#NoFilterNeha’, the actress has impressed us several times with her acting prowess. But, sadly the same thing cannot be said about Neha, when it comes to her sartorial choices. The actress who is mostly trending for her weird dressing style, never fails to shock us with more such strange fashion choices. (Also Read: 5 best dressed Bollywood celebrities of the week!)


While her fashion graph has been quite poor of late, with hardly any hits and abundant misses, her recent look surely confirms her love for drab outfits. Spotted at a public event wearing a lime-green dress from Chandni Sahi, Neha has totally disappointed us once more. The first question which popped our mind when we saw Neha in that green dress was; isn’t she looking like an un-decorated Christmas tree? Have a look:Neha Dhupia looks like an X-mass tree in her latest green outfit!Well, we are cent percent sure that this dull and weird looking outfit would have cost Neha a hell lot of money and you guys will also agree that most of us would not like to spend a penny on this outfit, forget about shelling thousands. In fact, what’s funny here is that Neha’s stylist doesn’t seem to be bothered about her fashion choices. Also, it won’t be wrong to add that Neha Dhupia loves to experiment a lot when it comes to style and mostly we see her opting for Boho looks, but unfortunately, ends up looking as though she has draped curtains instead of a dress. In short, she moreover looks huge and unflattering in many of her outfits.

Lastly, we are still waiting for the day when we will have all praises for Neha with regards to her fashion sense; soon maybe.