Neha Kakkar reacts to her viral meme with Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source - Instagram

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh are reportedly tying the knot soon. They are showering their love for each other on social media by calling with nicknames like ‘babu’, ‘jaan’, ‘shona’, etc. The couple has hogged all the limelight. But meme lords have come up with rib-tickling memes on Neha. One was with Leonardo DiCaprio. Neha saw this meme of her with Leonardo and she wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram stories saying that she has seen some memes and is all okay with them. She also asked her fans not to abuse the meme creators as it is their jobs.

Neha wrote, “For all the meme accounts and their haters too. I have been seeing my memes since so long! I think today I want to say something. So.. It’s a request to the people who see memes and get offended. Plz don’t abuse these people, everybody has some job to do in life, which makes them feel complete and if making memes is their job or if making random funny memes gives them Happiness, let them be!”

She further wrote, “And memes bante hi famous personalities ke hain. So if I am in this field where I have got fame. I have to accept all this and let them be happy. God bless everyone! Stay happy! bus kisika dil mat dukhaana yaar.”

Sharing her meme with Leonardo, Neha wrote, “I’m looking cute here but into samjhao koi! Ab Navin karungi babu shona toh kay karungi bhai?”

As per a report in SpotboyE, Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh are getting hitched on October 24 but before that, they will be having a registered marriage on October 22.

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