Netizens slam Sara Ali Khan for her ‘tone-deaf racist’ photoshoot with a Kenyan tribesman

Image Source - Instagram and Twitter

“I thought she was different from these Bollywood clowns,” well, that’s one of the comments posted on Sara Ali Khan‘s latest photo-shoot for a magazine cover. For the uninitiated, ‘Kedarnath’ actress Sara recently made her Filmfare magazine cover debut in which she can be seen posing with Masai tribesmen. As soon as the cover shoot pictures were shared on social media, the netizens expressed their disappointment and slammed the actress for cultural appropriation.

The netizens also expressed their anger over how could Sara even agree to use a tribesman as a prop in the first place. You can read some of their comments bashing the actress and the magazine below:

You can check out a behind-the-scenes video of this cover shoot below

And here’s one of the several comments slamming the actress

Image Source - Instagram

Even before making her Bollywood debut, Sara had made her way into people’s heart all thanks to her intelligence, honesty and maturity that she showcased in her interviews and public appearances. The star kid had also acknowledged nepotism and was brutally honest when it came to talking about her struggle with PCOS and weight loss. All these things made her stand out from the rest of the star kids but now, it looks like this particular photoshoot is not going to go down well with anyone.

We wonder when Sara is going to react to this.

For more updates on this story, keep watching this space.

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