Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu became aware of her maternal instincts while playing the role of a mother in her new movie ‘Aatma’.She always thought that children are fun to be with ,as she had never spent more than two hours with her niece Nia ,so had been exposed only to the fun side. But this all changed when she was exposed to the other side of a child, the grumpy side, while working on the sets with child protegee, Doyel Dhawan in ‘AATMA’


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She said there are two important things to be kept in mind while working with children -one the child should really like you and the other you should have a lot of patience,Bipasha had a very good rapport with Doyel and they were inseparable from the word go.

According to our source, Bipasha Basu confessed that “post this role of an on-screen mom, I know for a fact that being a mother is not easy. Being a mother is the toughest role a woman plays in her life. There is a lot of learning and responsibility attached when you are a mother.A mother is our friend, philosopher and guide. The one who usually influences a child the most. It’s just not easy to be a mom” .

Well Bipasha as you have now became an expert on child rearing,we would soon like to see you play the role of a mother in real life .