Ouch! Did Anubhav Sinha take a dig at Pakistan in ‘Tum Bin 2’?

With ‘Tum Bin 2’, the magic of romantic saga ‘Tum Bin’ is expected to return. However, there’s something else which drew our ears and eyes this time. In the recently released dialogue promo of the film, director Anubhav Sinha takes a slight dig at Pakistan!

The promo catches Aditya Seal and Meher VJ conversing over telephone, debating over a Pakistani boy. A part of the conversation includes dialogues like, “‘Mahawl toh pata hai wahaan ka. Kabhi yaha bomb phat rahe hai kabhi waha’ and ‘Pakistan mein ladke hai hi kahan? Aadhe toh cricket khelte hai aur baaki ladkon ka kuch thik nahi hai.”

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That’s pretty much a pinch! Following the terror attack in Uri which was allegedly initiated by Pakistani terrorists, films featuring Pakistani actors had to face hell lot of troubles and controversies. Also, the presence of Pakistani artistes in Indian films have been barred now. Taking a step ahead, Sinha now directly took a dig!

Justifying this, he says, “Whenever there is tension between India and Pakistan, every industry in our country responds to the situation differently, and Bollywood has always taken a rather rational approach. But I had written the dialogues, which are humorous with an underlying message, much before the tension escalated.”

Will there be more in the film? Let us wait and watch!