PadMan: Akshay Kumar is ready to begin the ‘No To Nicotine’ revolution

With his upcoming release ‘PadMan’, Akshay Kumar aims to harp hard on the age-old taboos and inhibitions pertaining to menstruations. As India suffers from major lack of awareness and discussion on the same, thousands of women give up to diseases that come from poor hygiene and misunderstanding of menstruation. (Also Read: The PadMan Song: A perfect Christmas gift for Akshay and Sonam fans)

But Akshay hasn’t limited his voice there. He recently released a video wherein he is seen voicing against consumption of Nicotine. Watch it below!

Cancer and other after effects of Nicotine are spreading like fire all over the world. India tops the chart when it comes to the globe’s most affected countries. Numerous awareness programmes are at place but how much do they work? We know little.

The superstar must be appreciated for taking up the right cause at the right time!

Or should we say, a superhero?