Pahlaj Nihalani reacts after being removed as CBFC chief

In an unforeseen turn of events, CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani was removed from his post on August 11, Friday. Renowned lyricist Prasoon Joshi took over the chair. Since then, a large number people which includes both members of film fraternity and sincere movie goers, have been expressing sheer satisfaction over the Government’s move.

In conversation with Mid-day over what happened, Nihalani said he had been thoroughly true to his own responsibilities and at the same time, has no regrets.

“I was not shocked at all. I’m happy and relieved. I have done this job to the best of my capacity. I wish all the best to the film industry, and to people who were against me,” he answered, when asked if the Government’s decision shocked him.

“Whatever has happened is the government’s decision. I respect it. I’m happy with my stint as the CBFC chairperson. I’ve always performed my duty with honesty, sincerity. I have no regrets,” he added. (Also Read: The time when Pahlaj Nihalani made Suniel Shetty feel utterly destroyed)

Over the years, Indian cinema has undergone considerable evolution but the guidelines that are to be abided by CBFC have hardly changed. Nihalani, in his conversation, also claimed that he put his best efforts in favour of updated guidelines and sent in his suggestions too.

“Yes, I have tried to do that and sent all suggestions to the government, some time ago. I recommended new CBFC guidelines, and ratings system, even before the Shyam Benegal Committee did. I am a film industry man, so I know its requirements,” he said.

A new committee has been also introduced by CBFC, which includes actress Vidya Balan alongside others.

The film industry looks forward to seeing commendable decisions from Prasoon Joshi and believes he will work to his best ability for Indian cinema.