‘Photograph’ Mid-Ticket Review: The first half of ‘Photograph’ is pretentious and disappointing

One of the things that makes a ‘Photograph’ a boring ride is that Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) does not seem to have any motivation (or logic) for doing the things that she does. Why would a topper from a well to do family agree to pose as Rafi’s (Nawazuddin) wife to be is not explained. In fact, they skip the whole conversation where Rafi convinces Miloni to pose as his wife-to-be.

After that, the movie moves at a snail’s pace with hardly any twists and turns. Both Nawazuddin and Sanya give restrained performances but they are let down by a screenplay that pretends to be more sensitive than it really is.

The cinematography, the background music and the performances by the supporting cast all hit the right notes, but they fail to make ‘Photograph’ anything close to an engrossing watch. We are definitely not looking forward to the second half.

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