Preity Zinta – Ness Wadia threw burning cigarettes

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has accused ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia of molestation. The case has taken a new turn with Preity now adding further allegation against industrialist Ness. She said that Ness had thrown burning cigarettes at her and locked her up in a room even before the 30 May incident at Wankhede Stadium.

As per sources, Preity Zinta said in a letter to Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, “Ness’s behaviour towards me is getting more and more aggressive and violent over a period of time. From throwing burning cigarettes at my face to locking me up in rooms and manhandling me, I have seen it all with him.”

She added, “I (Zinta) just want him (Wadia) to be kept away from me so I can live in peace, otherwise one unfortunate day, in a fit of rage, he will kill me and that really scares me.”

We shall bring to you further information on this as soon as possible.