Preity Zinta ‘s friend confirms Ness Wadia threatened to kill the actress

The Preity-Ness case has taken a new twist, with a mutual friend of Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia testifying in favour of the actress. A mutual friend of the former couple Danish Merchant who is also Zinta’s neighbour and a key witness in the case, is said to have told the police that he witnessed the argument between the duo, and also that Ness threatened to kill Zinta.

As per sources, Danish Merchant said, he was seated at the Garware Pavilion where the incident occurred. He also told the police that he saw American national Jean intervene when Wadia grabbed Zinta’s arm and heard Jean tell Wadia to back off and stay away from her.

About 40 minutes after the match began, Wadia came and started screaming because he couldn’t find a seat for his mother. He said, ‘What the hell do you think of yourself? You f*****g w***e. You f*****g b***h. You have shown your class.”

Danish further added that, Wadia left after a while and post the match, Zinta went down to ground and asked him and Jean to wait in the car. “Jean and I waited in my car. When she returned half-an-hour later, she looked disturbed and started crying. She was so distraught that I didn’t ask her anything that night.”

Merchant confirmed that Preity was also threatened by Ness. “He was angry that day and he said all those things. He did not mean it when he said he would kill her. He is not a bad guy. Merchant even added that had Ness apologised to Preity, this situation could’ve been avoided.”