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Priyamani is one of the most loved actresses and she has recently given a stellar performance in the Manoj Bajpayee starrer The Family Man 2. We sat down for a candid chat with the South beauty and she revealed how it has been battling with body-shaming online. Being a woman in the public eye is not an easy task and when you have the judgemental eye on you, it’s a whole another piece of work. In an exclusive chat with us, Priyamani said that she has been pointed out for her weight where people have called her words like ‘big’ and ‘fat’. But, the actress has decided to pay no heed to the dark web and accepted the way she is.

Priyamani told Bollywood Bubble, “Honestly speaking my weight did go up to 65 kgs, I did look bigger than what I am right now. So a lot of people have said ‘You look fat’, ‘You look big,’ and right now people are saying, ‘You’re looking too thin, we like you when you were fat.’ I mean make up your mind.”


She further added, “Now I can’t help it I am like this. But all I’m saying that being on the bigger side or the smaller side is each person to themselves. Why do you want to body shame people.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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