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‘Pad Man’ producer Prernaa Arora has finally issued statement against the latest allegations levelled on her. Her lawyer, Advocate Sunny Punamiya responding to the latest report said, “Statements has been misconstrued, facts have been twisted and clear breach of judicial process & ethical practices have been done to malign my client’s image, not only when the matter is under court proceedings and but also in media. This clearly shows the dirty & unethical means & behaviour vetted out by the concerned opposite parties.”


As per a Mumbai Mirror report, Prernaa is sentenced six months jail for contempt of court. Now in her defence, her lawyer issued a lengthy statement rubbishing the reports of her client not complying with the Court’s order. Explaining their side of the story, her statement reads, “The Investment by Gothic Entertainment was to the tune of Rs. 29.25 cr during the period 2016-17 & 2017-18 and Kriarj Entertainment Pvt LTD has undisputedly paid a total of whopping Rs. 40.88 cr at a staggering 60% p.a. which eventually amounted to well over and above the principal investment. This was done only to honour the agreement between the parties.”

“Prerna Arora does not require to surrender on 2nd March 2020 by an order of the Hon’ble Court. Further, in compliance with the order of the Hon’ble High Court Prerna Arora has also deposited a Demand Draft of Rs. 15 Lakh and an unencumbered property valued at Rs. 50-60 Lakh. An amount of Rs. 40. 88 Crore has undisputedly been paid to Gothic Entertainment above and beyond the amount of Rs. 29.25 Crore, as liable. Thus a surplus payment of Rs. 11 Crore 63 Lakh has been made to Gothic Entertainment P. Ltd. at a staggering interest of 60% p.a. The excess payment has been done only to honour the agreement between the parties,” says her advocate.


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He further added, “Prernaa has every intention of complying with the directions of the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay and holds the Hon’ble Court in highest regard and respect having utmost faith in the judiciary. My client has also deposited a Demand Draft of Rs. 15 Lakh and an unencumbered property valued at Rs. 50-60 Lakh. Contrary to the false reports published in the media, Prernaa has been given time by the Hon’ble High Court in order to clear the balance payment and does not need to surrender on 02.03.2020. This is very clearly an intent to tarnish the image & reputation of my client.”

“Gothic Entertainment is just a mere investor who had on interest basis given financial loan to M/s KriArj Entertainment. They have twisted the facts and presented it to the media for a unfair “media trial” which is a complete breach of judicial ethics thereby downing the image of the courts. My client was put behind bars for 9 months, which made it impossible for her to run her business, gather & arrange for funds. They have completely overlooked this fact. This is creating undue & unnecessary pressure on a law-abiding citizen, who is keen to resolve all matters, despite being put in a corner, with no fault of hers. We will not take this lightly and challenge the same with full force,” concluded her lawyer.

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