Salman Khan’s controversy

Superstar Salman Khan and controversy go hand-in-hand. Recently, the actor had yet again landed himself in one, during an interview for the promotions of his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’. It is a known fact that this Kabir Khan directorial witnesses the backdrop of Sino-Indian War, so it was reported that during this interview Salman has made a comment about the Indo-Pak relationship and urged the government to stop waging a war against the neighbouring country.

This statement of Salman started yet another row where many of the viewers and readers began criticising Salman for this statement of his. But, in reality, Salman had never given this statement and was totally misquoted. In fact, the actor was questioned, as to what made him pick the theme of Sino-Indian war, while so many movies have been made against the popular backdrop of ‘Indo-Pak’ war.

Salman replied to this calmly saying, “We have not touched that at all. We have just used it as a backdrop. We have just shown that ki yeh jaldi se khatam ho jaaye taaki humare jawaan humare paas aa jaye aur unke jawaan unke families ke paas pohuch jaaye. So it’s basically that. Jab jung hoti hai toh dono taraf ke log marte hai, aur phir families are left without their fathers and they have to spend their whole life without them.” [sic]


“So whoever orders wars, they should be given the guns and sent first to fight the war,” added the actor. [sic]

Well, after reading this statement, you too would agree that what Salman said was against violence and the concept of war, and not against the country, as it was construed to be.