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Author and filmmaker Tahira Kashyap Khurrana celebrates her birthday today. She turned a year older today. The actress has time and again shared her pearls of wisdom through her immaculate choice of words emerging as a strong force of empowerment, embracing individuality and self love. As  Tahira Kashyap celebrates her birthday today, we take a look at the inspiring quotes of the candid and unabashed woman, offering strength and inspiration to all women and humankind.


On loving oneself: Please know that you are special, important and extremely significant worthy of all the love, dignity and respect. Don’t let anyone put you in any kind of box. And least of all please don’t feel guilty about having your own dreams and goals. Over and above everything else if you aren’t in love with yourself already please work towards it.

On self-acceptance: There is nothing known as perfect. Happiness lies in truly accepting yourself.

On opening up about her cancer journey: When I got diagnosed with cancer I wasn’t sure if I would be able to share it with people. But when I was told by a few close relatives to keep it quiet, and a few doctors explained to me the plight of many patients who were denied a mammogram by their own relatives or because they were too ashamed to get themselves examined, I knew this was going to be my mission.

On being a woman: I am loving the role I am playing in my real life which is of being a woman! I am just so glad I get to be this beautiful gender.

On juggling life roles: The fact that many of us have to juggle work, home, kids, everything just goes to show that there is a lot to change about our society and about the way we perceive women.

On embracing dreams: Never give up on your dreams. At a younger age, we are meant to dream big, have lofty goals, and fulfill all our purposes.

On motherhood: Motherhood is a wonderful experience, and a very gratifying one. At the same time, I want every woman to cherish their individuality irrespective of being a mother, daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, best friend or neighbour.

On complexities of womanhood: Women are complex creatures with shades of light and dark. If there is a syllabus to be a Bollywood wife and mother, I’ve clearly failed that test. But it’s important that my kids don’t feel alienated by my parenting, that they are able to discuss love, life, and everything in between with me.

On gender disparity: I totally think gender disparity should be addressed. I have a big problem with it, which is why every work of mine has always spoken about women liberation. [I’d like to see] women taking the front seat and for them to not be a plus one and to cherish their individuality. We contribute a lot and we need to be valued and appreciated.

On hopefulness for equality: There is no disparity between genders. I want the next generation to start treating fellow human beings with respect and compassion, irrespective of their caste, sexuality or gender.

Having authored five books, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has won the title of the Best Selling Author for her quirky, candid, honest style of storytelling. With insightful and entertaining short films like Toffee, Pinni, Quaranteen Crush, Tahira carved her place as a filmmaker and is currently gearing up for her debut feature film ‘Sharmajee Ki Beti’.

Wishing loads of success and strength to the woman that inspires us to be ‘us’!

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