Rajkummar Rao collaborates with Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation initiative!

Aamir Khan‘s Paani Foundation had led an initiative to do a massive Mahashramdaan on account of Maharashtra Day which falls on 1st May.

In the quest for the social initiative to get a wider reach, Aamir took to Twitter to tag celebrities asking them to come and join the shramdaan. He also tweeted saying, ” Come join us on 1st May. Love, a.”. (Also Read: Aamir Khan envisions Maharashtra to be drought-free in 5 years)

Rajkumar Rao had a prompt revert to Aamir’s call for action. He tweeted saying, ” @aamir_khan Let’s fight it together”.

The movement has steadily grown, and over the past two years, thousands of people in cities expressed the desire to contribute to this effort. To make it possible to volunteer and participate in different ways, Paani Foundation created the ‘Jalmitra’ – or ‘Friend of Water’ initiative, which it launched on World Water Day – 22nd March 2018. Anyone, anywhere in the world can be a Jalmitra by signing up on the link jalmitra.paanifoundation.in.

In 2016 Paani Foundation, a non-profit company started by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, organised the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup which is a competition held each year between villages to see which village does the best work in watershed management.

This is a people’s movement for a water-abundant, prosperous Maharashtra. Paani Foundation trains people in the science of watershed management, and villagers then plan and execute various watershed management works in their village with help from the government and NGOs.

On the 1st of May, there will be a ‘Mahashramdaan’ across Maharashtra in all 75 talukas of the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup, where tens of thousands of citizens, both urban and rural will meet and work together for water abundance.