Why was Ranbir Kapoor missing from Deepika Padukone’s Party?

Deepika Padukone had set up an elaborate bash to celebrate her success at box office. The who ‘s who of industry was gathered there right from Shahrukh Khan to Aamir Khan,  but one person was conspicuous by his absence that was her Ex boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

As per sources,  Ranbir Kapoor who was quite free on Saturday deliberately gave the party a miss as his alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif was not invited.“Ranbir was not shooting on Saturday. It is clear that he did not want to attend the event. Ranbir was in no mood as Katrina apparently was not on the guest list.”

The rivalry between the two seems to be growing with Deepika Padukone taunting Katrina on her leaked Ibiza pics by saying that “if one is a public figure one has to be prepared for such things and it is that person`s responsibility be more careful to prevent such incidents”.She had even sharpened her claws on Katrina in Koffee with Karan, by stating that she would like to see Kat’s passport . Seems like Katrina Kaif is quite irked with Deepika Padukone’s constant barbs . Bechara  Ranbir Kapoor !