Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif ready for long drive

Ranbir Kapoor Known for his enthusiasm for latest cars is a proud owner of the new Mercedes SUV that he has bought costs a cool R 1 crore 40 lakh.This Dashing star is out to prove that in more than one way .When on Monday night he decided to give his girl friend Katrina Kaif a spin in his car to show off.The two were returning from their shoots in Filmcity, Ranbir offered to drop Kats, soon they reached Bandra where Imran Khan was hosting a party for his Mamu Aamir Khan to celebrate 25 yrs of QSQT. And there were hordes of cameramen stationed outside Imran’s house!


As per eyewitness,“Katrina was sitting in the passenger’s seat and when Ranbir spotted the media outside Imran’s house, he pushed the accelerator to avoid being photographed. He was driving on a steep slope and in panic he almost collided into a car towards his SUV. Ranbir was a bit shaken but he continued driving and then they went to his house.”

What is interesting is all of Ranbir’s cars come with number 8.